Design Factors – Telecoms and Broadcast Cooling

March 15, 2019 dbrown

Cooling Considerations

At TechProServ <sup>TM</sup>, we pride ourselves on providing accurate cooling solutions for telecoms and broadcast sites. This entails many types of considerations and/or factors



Heat Load

Delta T

Temperature Control

Regional Climate

Internal & External Influences

Room Size


Air Quality



Airflow Paths & Movement

Cooling Technologies



Just some of the factors, we consider at design, specification and deployment. Our highest priority is to protect the network, ensuring that the network will not incur any type of failure due to poor design and/or installation.

It’s important to have a consistent and competent approach to cooling management starting with regulatory standards, to client requirements and guidance, and then utilising an extensive toolbox “factors” to ensure the design, specification and deployment meet the criteria.

To ensure network quality is resilient, continuous and reliable, we must approach with sensitivity and have a critical approach as we are responsible for the application, and the network.

At TechProServTM, we’ve built a reputation for delivering cooling expertise into the networks in either telecoms and broadcast sectors. TechProServTM can assist with all “factors” on a site, offering a turnkey approach; from the initial assessment and calculations to the cooling solution design, supply and installation.

We have vast experience covering thousands of sites across a broad variety of environments, including; internal rooms, cabinets, cabins, switch sites and amplifier rooms deployed in hard-to-access locations such as rooftops, church towers and basements to as far as the Shetlands and across the pond to Ireland. We operate through the United Kingdom with the same approach and intention.

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