Our Office Facilities

October 12, 2018 TechProServ

Our Office Facilities

At Techproserv, we believe that the key to developing a sustainable business environment is to create long-lasting relationships with both our employees and our customers. We pride ourselves on providing clients with a bespoke service, ensuring a full turnkey approach to every project from inception to completion.

Our holistic approach is also mirrored within our office, employing the same emphasis in maintaining a positive work-life balance, which we believe increases productivity, as well as helps sustain well-being within the office environment.

Our Location

Located 5 minutes from junction 28 of the M1, our office is logistically easy to navigate to, meaning our accessibility is great for multiple external businesses wanting a central location for meetings. Our location is also highly beneficial in that we are central to the entire United Kingdom. This reduces transportation times when conducting work around the country and allows essential supplies to be distributed earlier to site.

Our Offices

Techproserv operates flexible working hours in order to help improve the work-life balance. Our offices are fully equipped with a gym, shower facilities, a fully functional conference room and a large communal kitchen area.

Fitness and Well-Being

The gym provides both free weights and cardio equipment and is beneficial in promoting a healthy lifestyle for our employees. Exercise has been proven to improve energy levels, well-being and overall productivity, so providing this facility means our employees can train before or after work at their own leisure.

Communal Kitchen

As within many homes, the heart of the house is the kitchen, so it makes sense to provide an area where people can gravitate to, which is both relaxed and functional. The kitchen is fully equipped with multiple microwaves as well as an oven and drink making amenities. The room also has a large dining table, which encourages interaction, as well as a chillout area, where people can sit and relax during their breaks.

Conference Room

Our large conference room is designed to facilitate a more focused experience whether providing training or used simply for business meetings. The room is equipped with drinks facilities, a large oval table, comfortable seating and an HD projector.

Warehouse and Storage

Our offices sit at the top of a large manufacturing and warehouse storage facility, which means we have ample space to store essential supplies and equipment, shortening the supply chain and lead time on all our managed projects.

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