TechProServ™ have continued their certification with BSI ISO9001 Quality Management.

January 14, 2022 TechProServ

We are delighted to announce we have secured our 3rd year in a row with BSI ISO9001 certificate.

Note from the auditor: ‘The audited organisation, Technical Professional Services – TechProServ can be recommended for continued certification, and has been found in general compliance with the audit’

TechProServ - Quality Management‘This assessment demonstrated that the organisation’s quality management system continues to align to the requirements of ISO 9001:2015 and support the business in meeting customer expectations. The business has experienced impacts within various sectors due to COVID and BREXIT. This being said, the management system had been effectively maintained and continues to provide a framework for quality service provision.’

Managing Director Mark Cox commented on this achievement, the business in review and what’s on the plan for 2022: ‘We have managed sustainability throughout challenging times, opening new channels of services and moving into other sectors whilst ensuring key customers are provided with the same standard of service. 

2022 appears to be a promising year with a new set of challenges. It’s nice to start the year on a positive with our continued BSI ISO 9001 certificate, and we value the continued support from Clear Quality through the process. 

Every year, we review, evaluate and plan to ensure we are constantly striving toward some form of fulfilment, whether sustainability, development and progression. Following the last couple of years, we are under no illusion that these goals and targets could be unreachable, but that doesn’t mean we cannot reapproach, deviate or move along.

We will continue to strengthen our customer relationships and deliver successfully on projects with the support of our staff, partners and supply chain, which we intend to improve and grow. We are also working alongside our sister business TechProCool, which is growing and has a success of contracts in 2022!

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