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At TechProServ™ we provide an array of electro-technical and electro-mechanical services for the telecoms & broadcast industry. We are electrical and mechanical engineers, specialising in cooling. We understand the operator specifications and standards, enabling us to survey and design compliant applications. Our team of experienced and competent engineers can install all approved technologies for Air Conditioning (refrigeration) and Forced Air (Free air) systems.

Our Services Include

The core of our telecommunication services include the installation of HVAC-E systems (Heating, Ventilation, Air Conditioning and Electrical), as well as providing new build installations, variations and alteration of electrical systems and environmental or building management monitoring applications.

TechProServ™ can design:

  • Forced ventilation “free air cooling” products for technical spaces within the broadcast, satellite, mobile telecoms and general IT “technical spaces”. These products are flexible and versatile, offering passive, positive & negative pressure and balanced systems.

  • Air Conditioning installation, undertaking R32 Calculations, heatload and/or cooling capacity requirements and air flow calculations utilising pure refrigerated and/or hybrid package systems.


We have delivered comprehensive and high volume cooling and electrical projects in partnership of ADC’s and/or principle contractors for over a decade, working with leading venders/manufactures, thermodynamic specialist and lead capital asset management organisations.

We have built a vast range of services to support the deployment of M&E systems and applications. We operate daily with BAU, PBM and general maintenance programs providing design, surveying and deployment workstreams including beacon, tech adds and general maintenance.

Telecoms and Broadcast Design & Build Services

  • HVAC “Cooling” Assessments, Reviews & Surveys
    Compliance, Regulation, Client Calculations, Heatload (Inhouse/Client) Calculations and R32 Calculation. Comprehensive inhouse Reports and/or client driven Reports.

  • Electrical Critical Assessments, Reviews & Surveys
    Compliance, Regulation, Evaluation and Report

  • Electrical Design (Modesoft – EletcricalIOM)
    AC and DC Design Schematics

  • Vendor Agnostic HVAC-E Services – Build and Deployment
    Free Cooling (Positive, Negative and Balanced Applications)
    Air-Conditioning (Any Manufacture and any Type of System)
    Bespoke Design and Build Applications
    HVAC-E Decommissioning, Refrigerant Recovery and Removals
    AC & DC Electrical Services and DC/PSU Enablement

Turn Key Contractor

We have a robust training matrix whereas all engineers and sub-contractors are vetted and monitored to have all relevant tickets and certifications. All our engineers are PICW trained and senior leads hold the relevant cards.

We as a business and personnel are Arqiva/Cellnex, OCAMS, WIG, MBNL, CTIL and Ericson Approved. We hold all required keys and cards for site access. We have access to Siterra and ADC-Build.

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